Rising from the ashes

I’m a firm believer that out of all challenges in life, there’s an opportunity for change, an opportunity for betterment and an opportunity to rise again no matter how great a fall. Last year, though challenging for everyone due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was particularly challenging for me due to some personal issues I’ve […]

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When hurt cuts deep

No-one is immune to facing challenges and no-one is protected from feeling hurt. Whether it is caused by strangers, colleagues, friends, family or the ones you love, hurt is inevitable. What matters is how you deal with it. Do you talk about it or do you bottle it up? Do you turn to sex, drugs […]

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Emotional invalidation

Emotional Invalidation = Abuse “Hold on a minute, what do you mean by that?” I hear many of you asking. Well for starters, let’s look at what invalidation means. Invalidation, in simplistic terms, refers to rejecting something as truth or making it void. Emotional invalidation therefore is when someone’s personal thoughts and/or feelings are rejected, […]

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